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Meet our hair dressing and beauty salon team

We're super proud of our team of hairdressers, stylists, beauticians and front of house staff. They are what make us as a salon. We have a range of experiences with staff member of all levels of experience. Some of our staff have been here since Eden Harlow started 25 years ago.

We're committed to training new stylists through our training programme and ensuring they become great hair dressers, colourists and stylists.

As we have all experience levels, we can offer an competitive range of prices which will suit any budget while ensuring the standard is of the highest quality.

Meet some of our staff!

Wendy – Receptionist

Our hospitable and helpful receptionist who never stops smiling!
She is always there if you have questions regarding your appointment, or even to have a good old natter with her bubbly personality...
She also makes a great cup of tea too

Emily – Junior Stylist

As well as being an apprentice here at Eden, she is also the BOSS behind our amazing social media pictures!
She’s fashionable, easy-going and up to date with the latest trends. She will leave you walking out of the salon looking FAB-U-LOUS...
Favourite thing to do in the salon? Curling hair

YaS – Junior Stylist

As well as being an apprentice here at Eden, she is also one of the people who make our social media SHINE! She’s behind our amazing content and a right little blogger !
She’s ambitious, fun and unbelievably motivated! Her smile is infectious and we just love having her around! Every salon needs a “YAS”
Favourite thing to do in the salon?: assisting with colours!

Victoria – Stylist

Say HELLOO to our styling Queen
She is incredibly passionate, artistic and modern and always knows how to achieve the latest trend!
She certainly knows how to make you feel fabulous on your special occasion or day...
Favourite thing to do in the salon? Styling and colour work

ELLIE – Stylist

Our Fashion Stylist here in the salon! She’s one of our Blow-dry Queen’s and will make you look the part for any party or occasion...
She’s bubbly, friendly and creative and is up for a challenge! Favourite thing to do in the salon? Foiling (highlights)

Laura – Senior Stylist

She is one of our senior stylists here at Eden and is our blow-dry expert.
She’s intricate, honest, understanding and always strives for perfection!
If you are looking to switch up your style, Laura is the one for you with her expertise.
Favourite thing to do in the salon?: Blowdries

Lindsey – Senior Stylist

Lindsey is also another one of our senior stylists and a Colour Master here at Eden
She’s hospitable, creative and bubbly!‍
She LOVES to colour and could quite happily do sets of highlights all day long

SAM – Senior Stylist

Sam is one of our senior stylists and Colour Masters here at Eden!
She is stylish, funky and is always on trend which she demonstrates through her awesome haircuts.. Favourite thing to do in the salon? Cutting and Styling

Tracey – Senior Stylist

Tracey is another one of our Senior Stylists and Colour Masters here at Eden.
She is smart, knowledgeable, and knows our colour range formulas like no other!
Always up for the challenge, she certainly is the stylist for big colour changes and restyles..

Skott – Senior Stylist

Skott – aka new boss man – is another one of our Colour Masters here at Eden Harlow. He's incredibly enthusiastic, motivated and creative. He is understanding of all of your queries and desires and will not stop until you're smiling.

Jodi – Beautician

Jodi is our beautician here at Eden she has been in the beauty industry for 15 years!
She’s kind-hearted, easygoing and she makes your skin feel AMAZING after a facial
She loves all aspects of the beauty world but loves the transformations from Million Dollar Facials.

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