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Coming into a salon can be frightening!

Our aim is to put you at ease and make you feel as comfortable as possible with our creative team. Whether it be a re-design or balayage, cut or up-do, we've got you covered!

A selection of stylists are available with experience ranging from 2-20 years plus.
A full complimentary consultation is advised so we can talk through all your needs and wishes, carry out the necessary tests and to give you an exact price on your service.

This is to ensure your hair journey is of its highest standard with us here at Eden.


Cut & Finish
From £30.00
Gentleman's Cut & Finish
From £15.00
Blow Dry Short
From £15.00
Blow Dry Long
From £20.00
Rollers & Extensions
+ £5.00
Bond Pro/Hair Repair Treatments


Root Regrowth And Colour Balance
From £68.00
Demi/Semi Colour
From £40.00
From £20.00
From £65.00
Bleach Regrowth With Toner
From £60.00
From £140.00
Kerasilk Keratin Treatment
From £180.00

About Kerasilk

Introducing the KERASILK Keratin Treatment Smoothing Lotion, a top-tier professional remedy meticulously crafted to convert unmanageable, unruly, wavy, or frizzy hair into sleek, easy-to-control, and opulent tresses. Enriched with Biomimetic Silk, Shea Oil, and KERASILK KeraShape Technology, this fully plant-based concoction offers adaptable results that can endure for up to 5 months.

This smoothing emulsion is ideal for individuals with all hair types grappling with rebellious hair conditions. It empowers you to tailor your outcomes, whether you covet a naturally polished hairstyle or a more striking yet gentle alteration in form.

Key advantages of the KERASILK Keratin Treatment Smoothing Lotion encompass:

Customizable, Prolonged Metamorphosis: This formulation grants you the ability to personalize your results, whether you seek a subtle metamorphosis or a more robust transformation. The effects can persist for up to 5 months, ensuring enduring enjoyment of well-groomed, manageable hair.

Enhanced Controllability: It efficaciously enhances controllability for all hair types, including wavy, curly, coarse, and frizzy hair, facilitating effortless styling and maintenance.

Exceptional Sleekness and Luster: The formulation strives to produce strikingly sleek and lustrous hair, elevating its overall aesthetics and bestowing it with an opulent finish.

No Harmful Components: The KERASILK Smoothing Lotion is void of sulfates, colorants, microplastics, and mineral oils, guaranteeing a gentle and secure treatment for your hair.

Vegan Plant-Based Formula: The Keratin Treatment is 100% plant-based, devoid of any animal-derived ingredients.

Environmentally Responsible Product: This product is CO2 offset and categorized as environmentally responsible. This signifies that the production process has taken steps to diminish and offset its carbon emissions.



Students 16 and under will receive up to 50% off cutting and styling and 20% off of selected colour services.

Students still in education between the ages of 17-21 will receive up to 30% off of cutting and styling and 20% off of colour services.

“YOUNG AT HEART” Customers over 60 will receive 20% off cutting, styling and colouring services

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